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Looking To Fix, Repair, Resurrect® Your Ni-Cad Power Tool Batteries?
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Only The Battery Resurrection® Guide PRO Version has the following:

  • Thousands of satisfied users - Read Testimonials
  • Help section with answers and solutions collected over 3 years (can only get with Resurrection)
  • Easy Resurrection™ - no need to open the battery - the quickest & fastest repair
  • 3 Step Resurrection™ - for stubborn batteries, this goes to the cellular level
  • Tools section - showing how to resurrect the cells built into various tools, shavers, radios, etc.
  • A cutaway view of a serious manufacturing defect in some cells that you must be careful with.
  • Some batteries have security screws - learn how to remove them and unlock your battery
  • Cell replacement section showing the safe way to do it
  • How to Rebuild a battery, where to get free replacement cells and link to buy new cheap cells

This is the only guide you will need to buy - covers all battery brands and voltages
Once you are setup it is FREE to Repair all the batteries you want - Unlimited!



PS - This is NOT a paragraph of text and a couple of pictures, but:

  • Step by step process and pictures for Easy Resurrection™
  • Step by step process and pictures for 3 step Resurrection™
  • Step by step process and pictures for internal tool battery Resurrection®
  • Step by step process and pictures for cell replacement and battery rebuilding
  • Over 15 online pages - Large text - Easy to understand - Pictures for every step

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